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Kaboodle Leadership

Changing Your Mind about Leadership

 Kaboodle Leadership brings a breath of fresh air to Leadership Development.  We are committed to pushing the boundaries of leadership thinking and practices through transdisciplinary research, scholarship, consultancy and training.  We are redefining how leadership is understood and practiced in all its forms and in all contexts.  


We are a registered international Consultancy.

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What is Kaboodle Leadership ?

Kaboodle Leadership brings together a breadth of expertise and experience in Leadership Development.  We teach organisations to develop their own Leadership Development Programmes.  We also design programmes to order for you.  


Using years of working  in large corporate settings and with small companies and entrepreneurs, our innovative work springs from ongoing research into cognitive neuroscience, approaches to adult learning and  real life leadership experiences. Because of this, we are not tied to a single theory or model.  As a result we are able to continually push our boundaries to offer you the latest techniques and ideas around generating robust and creative leaders.  


We firmly believe that leadership is about who you are.  We get results through helping organisations build leadership programmes to enable people to discover their potential to create, innovate and achieve, generating new possibilities to share with colleagues and their organisations in order to sustain growth and adapt to change.    


We have built our business on  face-to-face workshops, executive coaching, delivery of full leadership programmes and organisational consultancy on learning design.  In addition we have helped companies with issues around  problem teams, agile strategy development, maintaining creativity and changing the way leaders think and behave.  Our face-to-face work continues with remote working platforms and have diversified into tailor made online e-learning products through through our subsidiary company  Leap Professional Ltd.

We now have an online learning platform to offer distance learning for individuals and companies (we created Leap Professional Ltd to offer this).The passion behind both companies overlap, the key distinction being a new approach to leadership and a new approach to online learning for leaders.  

Who we are
We Provide a Range of Leadership Development Opportunities
Programme Design; Coaching; In-house Train the Trainer; Consultancy; Research; Community of Practice 

The understanding of leadership is constantly changing with new insights, research, and approaches. We take a fresh approach to each organisation, team and person. Good leadership is critical to the vitality and sustainability of an organisation’s mission. 


Here are examples of some of the services we provide and programmes we have designed and run to develop leaders today and nurture new leaders for tomorrow. We welcome being invited to longer term projects within an organisation so we can effect transformational change

the steppng stones of leadership
creativity and innovation


  • The Neuroscience of Creativity, why humans were built this way

  • Knowing your boxes, what gets in the way 

  • Altering your perceptions, thinking differently 

  • Curiosity plus Play = Creativity

  • Surprise yourself, find your flow: creative stimulants and exercises 

  • Head, Hands & Metaphors; creative mechanisms

  • Exploration: Creativity, Innovation and application in your world

  • Opportunities: Joining the unjoined

  • Creativity, when to use it, how to evaluate it

Training Trainers & Coaches to Design and Deliver Outstanding Leadership Development Programmes: 3 day workshop

  • Explore why creative approaches to training and development are essential

  • The latest from neuroscience and why trainers and coaches should take notice

  • Exercises and activities that will introduce new ways of stimulating leaders to learn

  • The place of the senses and the emotions in training and development

  • New thinking about ways of measuring training and development effectiveness

  • Making learning personal even in bigger workshops

  • Incorporating metacognition into your leadership development

Coaching  Leaders - The Power of Three:        5-8 coaching sessions designed around

 individual needs

  • A new unique coaching programme that enables three senior players in a business to understand their own and each others thinking and action mechanisms and their patterns of reaction to the different situations they face

  • Gain the ability to become experts in cognitive collaboration which results in the long term success of the organisation. 

  • 1 to 1 and 1 to Team coaching is also available, designed around specific individual and team needs

 Leadership Learning on the Water:       2 day event on board a 38ft yacht

  • Develop leadership skills and qualities through the challenge of sailing

  • Increase a leader’s mental awareness to spot critical changes in their work environment 

  • Use an individual’s gateway to mental processes and behaviour to increase their effectiveness. 

  • Deep learning in a new immersive environment

  • Re-assess your leadership through engagement in new activities in a new context 

Using your Brain to be a Better Leader 

Intro to the Meta World: 1-2 day workshop


Lego Serious Play Facilitation - 2 hr team building to 2 days for serious ideas generation or problem fixing

  • Build your team.

  • Generate new ideas.

  • Solve difficult problems. 

  • Develop a strategy, set goals using this highly acclaimed all inclusive facilitation method using lego bricks. 


Leap Professional Online Leadership Development

individual modules 2.5 hours online plus offline work

  • The Leadership Is.. Series

  • Skills that drive Leadership Behaviour

  • Innovative new style of learning design 

  • Key link back to organisation or team

  • Collaboration space

Online Class
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Our products


  • Develop your leadership by understanding how your own brain works for and against you, through approaches adopted in cognitive psychology

  • Learn Meta Awareness techniques to gain a greater ability to make sound decisions as a leader and gain solutions to problems you are facing

  • Apply metacognition to your own leadership practices

  • Current insights into the inner world of leaders using the latest research in cognitive psychology

  • Exploring the core skills of modern leadership

  • The skill of coping with changing contexts

  • How you can increase your potency by working more in the ‘meta-world’©

  • How failure and ignorance can power the way leaders can positively move forward

  • The role of the leader as a positive disrupter

  • The opportunity to apply insights to your context & measure its effectiveness

  • Keeping your head above the ‘digital soup’©

The Foundations of Leadership Programme

Leadership Essentials: 5 x 1 day modules

Creativity and Innovation at the Heart of Leadership: 2 day workshop

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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