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Three Heads are Better Than One

Three Heads are Better than One: The future role of the CEO by Dr Anton Baumohl FRSA, SHEA Merely stating the importance of ‘heads’, whether one, three or one hundred, is clearly stating the obvious. On our bodies they represent the home of that unfathomable organ, the brain. The brain which is the source of all other activity and indeed of all that makes us human. Heads of organisations may be seen to fulfil a similar function, providing the ultimate guide over the activities and conduct of the world in which they operate. Brains and how they function are key to the business of organisations as well. What CEOs, MDs, and Senior Managers think and how they translate those thoughts into action

To Lead or to Manage, that is the question. Is there any difference ?

Does it really matter that people use the words ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ interchangeably? Aren’t they basically the same anyway? The fact that management has become less fashionable and leadership is in the ascendancy can explain the dual uses of both words. Leadership is sexy, powerful, an activity for our complex and uncertain times. Management is very 20th Century, dull, monochrome and for people who are stuck. So even if your main work is managing let’s call it leadership to give it spice and make it sound more appealing in the modern world. But what if they are actually different activities and by merging the two we lose something of fundamental importance in the way society functi

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