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Keeping up to date and moving forward in you leadership and leadership development thinking and practice is really important. Kaboodle Leadership provides organisations or individuals an opportunity to keep up to date with new and active research across a wide range of disciplines as well as experimental work being carried out amongst practitioners.

Membership is available to anyone involved or interested in leadership development:

  • Consultant, TrainersCoaches and MentorsHR professionalsL&D professionals

  • Academics who specialise in leadership studies

  • Leaders themselves with an interest


Membership offers a private forum to share ideas and:

  • Free bi-monthly newsletter

  • First access to Provocateur, the monthly blog from Kaboodle Leadership

  • Networking opportunities and a vehicle for testing ideas and new thinking, raising questions, engaging in debate with the Community of Practice

  • Development Resources (e.g.: exercises and ideas)

  • Discounts on Kaboodle services to organisations and individuals - consultancy, programme design and delivery, and coaching

  • Organisational and individual membership for those with an active interest in the issues that surround leadership development.

Click to review terms and conditions, costs and how to join

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