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Lego Serious Play Facilitation - getting the Virtual Team together face to face


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY promotes new thinking by changing the participants involvement in a meeting, brainstorm session or workshop.


In most meetings the attendees can be seen “leaning back”





Most organisations find that one or two individuals may dominate a meeting, and 80% of the tee team are contributing very little. This does not get the organisation or team to the right answer or enable all creativity to be utilised.  Lego Serious Play enables all individuals to participate, and share as a team.  Here they now are “Leaning in”





Meeting/workshops with LSP have 100% participation, 100% of the time.  Don't see this as Play, its still a serious workshop with a structure and must be facilitated well.  We will first work with you to understand the issues or goals you have as an outcome - this enables us to build up and pose the Question, enabling construction/ building lego with meaning.

It can be a powerful sharing experience as each individual talks through their model which will reveal insights your team didn't know they had and contribute to a solution to a problem every time.


Huge benefits include the realisation that everyone sees things differently. You can talk about and focus on the model to avoid difficult conversations.  Its based on the use of metaphors.

Workshops are useful for team building (2-4 hrs) or over a 1-2 day period for intensive workshops.

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