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Leadership Events
On the Water

A brand new introduction to getting in touch with all of your senses and breaking through the every day pace and mindset we are caught up in.  A great opportunity to see yourself, others and the changing environment more clearly and in different ways to improve your leadership.


We learn more deeply when we are in new immersive environments, because our senses are heightened, we become more focused and we are able to look at ourselves and how we function in a new way.  


The learning that takes place by taking people out of their comfort zone and into a truly unique environment is more profound and longer lasting.

This two day event will take place on a fully equipped and skippered 40ft Yacht based in Portsmouth.  


This is an adventure but is not just focused on sailing. It provides an unfamiliar environment to fast track the ability to understand complexity and enable profound learning to take place in the context of leadership.

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