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Co-founders of Kaboodle Leadership, together we lead research with other Associates who join us with specialities of Community Projects, Co-creation, Team Coaching, Complexity Science, Theatre Studies, Organisational Behaviour, Psychotherapy, Sustainability, Philosophy, Design Thinking, Military Leadership, Political & International Science.


Dr Anton Baumohl is a leading proponent of transdisciplinary approaches to developing leaders. He designed and directed a new revolutionary Masters Degree Programme at Regents University - MA in Creative Leadership - in the heart of London. He has also helped to found and run a successful consultancy and training business called Kaboodle Leadership. His work takes him across the world where he prefers to conduct transformational experiential workshops for those interested in their own and others creativity and leadership rather than speak to mass audiences. His academic background is in organisational behaviour and particularly in applying research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to the development of individuals, teams and organisations especially in the areas of creativity and leadership. He has written numerous papers and is currently engaged in writing two books - ‘The Curious Leader’ and ‘The Self - at the Heart of Leadership’ 

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Karen Gargani MBA, MA is an experienced leader in the corporate world of financial investments has been a trouble shooter for failing teams and and entrepreneur in establishing new industry initiatives. She is a strong critic of many aspects of current business leadership and a champion of collaborative and inclusive leadership practices that bring added value to organisational sustainability. She has a special interest in women in leadership and is an expert in the use of techniques that stimulate the imagination in creative thinking. She has written on the importance of the I:WE dialogue in collaborative leadership and is currently researching a book on the unusual theme of serious play as a vital force in organisational sustainability. She has travelled the world with clients in UK, Europe and India. In her spare time she is an accomplished off-shore yacht racer.

We are continually expanding our Associate links with people who share our open dynamic view of Leadership, and who have specialist skills in areas we feel complement our own.  

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