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Creative Leadership for 2020

Why think about creativity when we talk about good leadership ?

Leadership should involve bringing an edge to groups in which they are recognised as leaders. It is not just about getting things done - that’s management - it about going beyond the status quo, even though that may create disruption and disturbance.

More than ever before leaders need to be able to think creatively for all the reasons we already know so well - a fast changing and uncertain environment, the need to improve the way things work, the search for new ideas, new products, new approaches and new opportunities, or to keep your organisation or community progressive and effective.

One of the biggest barriers to creative thinking is experience - things that we have done and that have worked for us in the past. It isn’t wrong to act out of past experience but that same experience can also hold us in thrall when we need something new. Experience can become a massive block to thinking differently. Many experienced leaders are prisoner to their experience and unhelpfully hold up their organisations as a result. Knowing the barriers within yourself helps you move past them to think differently. This helps foster creative and new thinking.

All Leaders need Creativity Skills

Even those who lead within the creative industries - design, fashion, the media, entertainment, branding, advertising and the like could do well to nurture their creativity. Research reveals that almost three quarters involved in creative industries who trade on their creativity continuously, and who need to sustain their creative ability, give little thought to how to develop and maintain it as their key resource. Leaders need to understand how to continually stimulate creativity within their organisation to keep on top of competitors and to enable continuous innovation.

Discover Meta-Creativity

We have worked with many leaders, including many in the creative industries to develop, utilise and sustain their creativity through:

  • increasing their awareness of how creativity works within their own minds

  • increasing their understanding of the boundaries that they have to cross to escape being prisoners to their own experience

  • sharing the stimuli that others have used to catalyse their own creativity

  • recognising where and how to focus their creative efforts in their own work

  • maximising their use of others from diverse backgrounds to achieve creative results

  • understanding how to put a value on their own creative output

  • identifying ways of sustaining their creativity over a long time span

As a face to face Leadership Consultancy company, we at Kaboodle Leadership recognise we also need to look at our own creative ways of delivering key messages and promoting key skills for organisations and teams current and future Leaders.

We focus on reinventing our own methodologies and push our own boundaries. Get ready for something new from us soon and keep in touch.

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