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Leadership is who you are

The self is the complex and changing domain of you as a person. Your Leadership Self is part of that, created through a unique blend of components including:

· your personality or the characteristics that define you as a person

· your values and beliefs, seeded in childhood and honed in adulthood

· the impact of important life experiences and events, both good & bad

· the drivers that guide your priorities and motivations

· the way your cognitive mechanisms, including your emotions, are calibrated and work together

· your styles or the repeated patterns and habits in the way you act.

There is no one like you.

Reflecting on my work experiences before I went into consulting, I had fulfilment in the roles when: I liked my colleagues, felt challenged and able to achieve, built cohesion in my team, collaborated with others. Freedom and empowerment to use creativity and nature it in others, provided enjoyment in my work. There were equal measures of stress and frustration at times but these were all important in the learning.

Now I work with groups to help them solve their own problems, think more widely and realise their own bias, in order to understand themselves and others more. Instilling key skills of curiosity, creativity, emotional engagement, innovation and problem solving through play, team collaboration and critical reflection and thinking. Life events, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers I collided with on the way; life has brought me to this point.

What has brought you to this point ? How can understanding that and reflecting on your own life experiences help with your leadership behaviour and that of your team ?

Your Leadership Behaviour is all that you do as part of your leadership role or function. There are some practices that set you apart as a leader. Things like:

· creative thinking - generating new ideas or encouraging others to discover new ideas

· bringing about change - which often involves taking people, groups, communities & organisations into places they have never been before

· communicating with and influencing others – understanding your impact on others

· agile thinking – an ability to anticipate opportunities or problems round the corner

To enhance these skills we offer tailored learning events and have also have created a learning platform focussed on skill based behaviour change to improve your own and your organisations leadership capability.

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