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The Power of Three - Innovative Executive Coaching Programme

Here is a forceful new programme which involves a trained coach working with three key thinkers and decision-makers in an organisation or large team.  Its purpose is for the three to understand their own thinking and action mechanisms and their patterns of reaction to the different situations they face.  

Current research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology shows that in order to gain the greatest potential from our brains capacity, we need to engage deeply with other minds.

Organisations have become more and more sophisticated over the centuries and decades with greater complexity of purpose and operations, greater geographical spans of influence, greater density of connections and greater speed of engagement with clients and staff.  Heads and brains have had to adapt to these complexities by becoming more sophisticated in the way they think and act. But have heads and brains developed fast enough to keep up with the volatile environments that the business world in particular has to face?

There is plenty of support for the notion that humans can engage in profound change, and adapt.


People at the top of organisations have the potential to leap forward in fundamentally new ways

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